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Train Your Core.  All Ways.

    Exciting instability training you can do anywhere.

Traditional Core Exercises are Boring

Boring Exercises Lead to Boring Results

You'll have MORE FUN with The OMNI

Your exercise routine should incorporate CORE STRENGTHENING 

in a way that is FUN, EXCITING, and can be done INDOORS or OUTDOORS.

Most Sports, Physical Activities, and Daily Movements Rely on a STRONG CORE

Without it, You are at RISK for:

  • Injury

  • Poor Balance

  • Weak Posture

  • Compromised ability to push, pull, generate speed, and decelerate

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Move with Purpose

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OMNI Helps you train the way your body moves by offering equal resistance in all directions

Integrate Your Core

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Train your body to function as a unit where everything is integrated together

Move Freely

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Develop lean muscles for fluid motion in all directions with The OMNI





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