You might be wondering how Spin Ups began.  If so, read on.  


The Spin Ups machine is a functional fitness product directly inspired by improvised military workouts in Afghanistan.  While cofounder MIke Sather was on deployment in Afghanistan, he was working out with a special forces soldier to keep themselves prepared for the mission they were serving.  While the deployment in and of itself was exhausting, Mike still found the strength, energy, and determination to push himself to be in peak condition.  While the workouts were intense, the variety was an integral part of them.   At the end of a grueling workout, Staff Sergeant Sather and his special forces workout partner would challenge themselves to see how many "bench spins" they could do.  

While home on break from deployment, Mike met his good friend Chad Lorenson at a gym in Grand Forks, ND for a workout.  Excited about the new exercises they had been doing in Afghanistan, Mike introduced the "bench spin" to Chad at the end of their workout.  At the time Chad had been doing P90X workouuts and was in the best shape of his life.  Despite this he was still very challenged by the "bench spins" they did.    

Back on deployment in Afghanistan, Mike and Chad continued to talk about the "bench spins".  Falling in love with the exercise, but hating the fact that you had to constantly adjust your feet, they decided something needed to be done to eliminate that pain point so you could focus exclusively on the execution of the exercise itself.  It was during these discussions that a "SPIN UP" was born, in addition to the product that the exercise could be optimally performed on.  


Many versions of a product were tested with varying degrees of success.  Each prototype had its potential along with challenges.  Through these trials, a "gyroscopic" type product developed that added a very key instability element to an already tough exercise.  The "steering wheel" type foot platform allows you to secure your feet to a rotatable platform about an axis parallel to the ground.  In addition to engaging your core like nothing we have ever felt before, it also allows you to perform more exercises on the product, enhancing the versatility.  


The goal of Spin Ups is to spark the competitive nature of fitness enthusiasts through innovative exercises and competitions.  These competitors can challenge others to see how many Spin Ups they can perform, while even the most advanced users can aspire themselves to the level of the “Tornado Push Up”.