You know what a Push Up, Sit Up, and Pull Up are.  But what the heck is a Spin Up?  The simple answer: Essentially a walking plank with your feet elevated for increased intensity.  The exercise can be done with your feet on the ground while you work your way around with your hands in a circle.  More advanced versions can be done with your feet on a stable but elevated surface.  Think you have those mastered?  It's time to try a Spin Up on SPIN UPS!  The instability of the foot platform will engage your core like nothing you have ever experienced before.  This will also allow you to not have to worry about the placement of your feet as you are doing the exercise, thus allowing you to focus exclusively on the execution of the exercise itself.  Trust us, you are going to need all of the focus you can muster when doing the elevated Spin Ups exercise with the instability feature added in.  ​


For a video of the Spin Ups exercise being performed see the link below: